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Greensboro.US ...
it's about time!


Greensboro.US ...
it's about time!

A Minute of Zen

Greensboro, NC

Posted by David Bartenfield on Saturday, September 26, 2015

It is unlikely that the German, Quaker, and Scotch-Irish immigrants who established the town's first boundaries could have ever seen the rapid technological advances or cultural and developmental developments that molded our city. With a rich history since its founding in the early 1800s, Greensboro is located in the heart of North Carolina. Cotton mills and textiles helped Greensboro get its start; followed by influences of the railroad which drew tobacco, lumber, and furniture industries to town. Cone Mills, Blue Bell, Lorillard Tobacco, and Western Electric were early leaders in business development in Greensboro.

Quakers founded Guilford College and Methodists founded Greensboro College which are only two of the many colleges and universities that the city boasts and are still thriving today. Churches and education have helped build Greensboro's purpose and community helping to construct social, economic, and political structures that support this beautiful city. The University of North Carolina at Greensboro, A&T State University help round out over a dozen of the higher education opportunities in town.

Less than two hours to the mountains and four to the beach Greensboro’s location in the Piedmont Triad is an ideal place to live and still be able to enjoy frequent getaways to the mountains or the sea. If you want to stay at home, Greensboro is complete with activities for everyone young and old. With a focus on family, activities for children and their families are abundant. Recreation is available through city parks, recreation centers, YMCAs and sports centers, and greenways and trails for walkers and cyclists. College life is evident in all corners of the city with cosmopolitan opportunities for young adults in downtown Greensboro.

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Greensboro.US ...
it's about time!


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This past weekend, Preservation Greensboro held a fundraising tour of homes in the Fisher Park neighborhood. The above photographed house, aptly named Hillside, was originally built as the private residence for the Julian Price family.* Mr. Price was Chairman of the Board of Jefferson Standard Life Insurance Company. Price hired architect Charles Hartmann to built the corporate tower of the Jefferson Standard building. downtown. Hartman also designed Hillside. The English Tudor/Period Revival home was constructed in 1928-1929. The expansive home has many interesting architectural details: Herringbone brick, chimneys, Tudor timbered accents, gables, dormers, and landscape walls, to name a few.

Eric and Michael Fuko-Rizzo have recently purchased the property, cleared the house of its filled-to-the-brim load, and have begun renovating it. It was featured on the tour this past weekend and looked quite different than it did on the Arts and Entertainment Hoarders show.  Much work remains to be done and not many rooms were open for the tour. However, there will be a designer showcase in 2018 that will feature the house in its renovated splendor. The most surprising feature of the home is that is is long, but thin. It is only one room wide, which means that there are windows on both sides of the room. It can feel like walking an entire city block getting from the northern-most to southern-most room. If you ever get a chance to tour this historic home, please do so.

Happy Thursday, dear readers!


* reference & read more about Price,

This past weekend, Preservation Greensboro held a fundraising tour of homes in the Fisher Park (read more)
Thu, May 25, 2017
Source Greensboro Daily Photo

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Wed, Jul 23, 2014

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