Iron Hen

Iron Hen Cafe is located at Wendover Avenue and Cridland Road in Greensboro. They pride themselves on shopping local farms for fresh and seasonal products. We love their eco-friendly philosophy.

They have outdoor seating and a hometown cafe appeal. We went for lunch at 1:00 on a Saturday and the place was packed with customers only to find out they were serving brunch. Twice the table next to us was seated and both parties left because no  lunch menu was available until 2 o’clock.

I was excited to taste their Black Bean Cakes, but when I ordered the waiter confessed they had run out of that entree earlier. I can deal with that, so I ordered the Quinoa, they were out of that too.

The waiter recommended the Corn Beef Hash, I complied. The eggs tasted fresh and good! The extremely small portion of corn beef was okay, but the taste didn’t wow me in any way. (It was also such a small portion I couldn’t help but wonder were they running out of this too?)

I discovered by chance the special which was available all day. There hanging on a note next to the kitchen window was a reminder to the wait staff  “Special of the Day: Meatloaf”. Note to self: ask about the special of the day!!

Max ordered the morning burger.  He gobbled up his egg and let me taste his burger. It was spot on! This is more than a good burger, it was delicious. The bun was seasoned well, fresh and tasty.

Both our meals included a side of home fries.

I would recommend the restaurant simply based on the taste of the eggs for freshness and the burger for excellence.

Their hours are:

Monday-Friday 7 am – 9 pm

Saturday 8 am – 9 pm

Sunday 8 am – 4 pm (Brunch) 



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