Volunteer Greensboro!

Greensboro has many opportunities for it’s citizens to volunteer and help make our city really great. Volunteering offers a chance to meet new people and try new things. It also provides opportunity to build skills, gain experience, and network which is all a great resume builder! Many nonprofits depend on volunteers to help make their agencies work. Depending on the guidance of professionals to assist, volunteering may even lead to the possibility of landing a great job.

One of the best ways to learn is through experience and one of the best ways to feel connected is by becoming involved. With a simple gesture of volunteering your time, you can and will positively impact the lives of others right here in the Gate City!

Giving back through volunteering is an invaluable way to make a difference in others’ lives. Volunteers say their experiences give them a strong sense of personal satisfaction beyond what they could have imagined. Volunteers enjoy the immense satisfaction of making another person’s day brighter.

If you have a worthy cause to promote and need to request volunteers please contact Greensboro.US at Greensboro@triad.rr.com and we will gladly consider publishing your information right on this page all FREE of charge!

HPLOGOHORSEPOWER is a therapeutic equestrian program, that provides both challenges and rewards to people with physical, mental, emotional and social disabilities.  These disabilities may include multiple sclerosis,  autism, cerebral palsy, spinal cord injuries, Parkinson’s disease,  Down’s syndrome,  stroke and depression, as well as  victims of physical, mental or emotional abuse.  Through interaction with horses and horseback riding, these individuals derive educational, physical and social benefits that include learning new skills, building self-confidence, enhanced physical fitness, increased muscle strength and flexibility, interpersonal skills, concentration skills, patience and self-discipline.


Join our team of volunteers! There are many ways to help the animals at the Guilford County Animal Shelter. Call the Shelter at 336-297-5020 or use their online contact form to learn more about volunteer opportunities.

We need volunteers to help with adoption fairs every Saturday and Sunday. This would involve picking animals up from the shelter and taking them to the Petsmart location, holding the animals during the fair while assisting with the adoption process, and bringing the animals back to the shelter at the end of the day. Volunteers are needed for any or all of these parts of the fair. (This is a great parent-child activity).

images (2)Habitat Greensboro is a Christian ministry that brings together people of all faiths to build quality, affordable homes and thriving neighborhoods where families can build better lives.

Habitat Greensboro was formed in 1987 by four Christians in response to their Habitat experience in Peru. As one of our founders says: “Time, sweat, perseverance and love have developed the vision into a successful organization and community.” They built five homes that first year, and quickly expanded to build 10 homes annually.

coneWe appreciate your interest in becoming a volunteer with Cone Health. Our respectful and caring volunteers provide compassionate assistance to our patients, their families and visitors in nearly all departments and locations.

Our volunteers enjoy the immense satisfaction of making another person’s day brighter. As a result of our volunteers’ daily interactions, Cone Health is a warm, welcoming place for all the people of our community. In addition, our volunteers, who collectively donate thousands of hours every year, help lower healthcare costs.

volunteeer_greensboroThe Volunteer Center of Greensboro strengthens our community by creating meaningful volunteer connections. We connect people, promote volunteerism, community service,  support nonprofits, and build partnerships. A variety if internships and volunteer opportunities can be found in Greensboro through this agency. In order to be considered please contact the Center with a cover letter and resume at info@volunteergso.org.